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Tilley Was Made For Life Out There

Iconic hats and functional apparel inspired by life outdoors. Thoughtfully designed to help you make the most of every adventure. Every Tilley piece comes stitched with the thoughtful details, enduring versatility, and timeless style the world has come to expect since the very beginning. We create goods that stand the test of time. That embrace the elements, so you can too.

In 1980, a man on the Great Lakes needed a great hat.

Alex Tilley searched high and low for a durable sailing hat that matched his passion for the outdoors. 

So, he embarked on a journey and took it upon himself to create what has now become a global symbol of adventure - The Tilley Hat. 

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Designed for everyday adventure

For over 40 years, our hats and apparel have given people around the world the confidence to step outside, to explore their surroundings with ease, to elevate their game, and look good doing it. From trek to travel, and everywhere in between. For every single one of your everyday adventures, there’s Tilley.

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Ready to explore

The farther we venture, the more we depend on our gear to withstand whatever nature throws at us. Our high-performing and long-lasting outerwear gets you out there, rain or shine.

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From office to off-grid

Adventure begins the moment you step out your door. Whether onto a bike, a plane or a subway car, with Tilley, you’ll be travelling in comfort and style.

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Tilley takes a style-forward approach to staying active. Sun protection, moisture-wicking, all-star durability – we put thought into every aspect, so you can get a lot more out of it.

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